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i get by with a little help from my friends
29th-Dec-2008 02:26 am(no subject)
merlin, i've never actually 'blogged' before. i don't really know if there is just one specific definition of blogging. Perhaps it's your own personal definition that really matters. i see blogging as a way to get your views out, express yourself, and just tell your friends how your day has went. i guess the questions you're supposed to answer are 'what's your life like?' and 'what did you do today?'.

it'll be the day everything changesCollapse )
4th-Aug-2007 11:02 pm - Perverted Justice?
Ok, you guys. I know I'm not exactly what you would call an ACTIVE member of livejournal, and I don't go on every day. I'm not the biggest blogger, or the biggest protester.
This is concerning not only LJ and YouTube, but others also. It is a cause for protest and a cause for us to come together.
A certain community has own my life this past week, but I have heard of some recent news that has considerably disgusted me.

try not to leave your fingerprints all overCollapse )
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